Kyle’s Story

Kyle Alfred Hodge 1989 - 2017

Imagine your son, your daughter, mid-twenties, recently graduated from college with no debt, beginning a career in business ownership. A consummate volunteer helping kids with chronic life-threatening illnesses enjoy the regular things in life at camp Soaring Eagle. An energetic, engaged, passionate, creative, community-minded, empathetic individual with a love for life. Everyone who knew him felt as if they were his best friend, and they were, each one of them. The world in front of him with no limits, full of hope and optimism. This is what K-Care is all about, our son Kyle Hodge. At the age of 27, Kyle lost his battle with a rare sarcoma.

After a four-year journey, Kyle’s family was all too familiar with the difficulties of sharing medical records and treatment plans with a vast medical team. These specialists were not only located in Arizona, where Kyle lived, but across the country. With the introduction of each new medical practitioner, medical records and communication were needed. Kyle’s medical journey was not unlike his life – exceptional.

Kyle developed a relationship with each of his diverse medical team members. Kyle’s doctors were the very best in their fields of practice. The doctors were very different in their approach and ability to communicate across the medical network. Best practice in healthcare is when doctors can communicate with their colleagues and patients alike. Medical communication is especially critical when lives are at stake but is complicated by regulation and rules. Real communication between medical practitioners was difficult and sometimes nonexistent. Many times, the same imaging, tests, and doctors’ visits were repeated due to delays or the inability to share records. Ultimately, Kyle lost precious time that he did not have.

  • Medical records were not easily shared by specialists within and across multiple healthcare networks.
  • Imaging and tests were repeated due to delays or the inability to share records.
  • Communication between medical practitioners was inefficient and difficult.
  • Treatment Plans were delayed.
  • Precious time was lost, and Kyle did not have time.
  • Healthcare costs are out of control. Complex difficult cases like sarcomas cost the healthcare system millions of dollars. K-Care will maximize cost savings to the healthcare system by removing duplication, empowering everyone involved with timely information, providing better healthcare and costs savings.

Giving people the ability to collect all their medical records and providing a communication platform will empower individuals today and throughout their lives with critical tools to share with their medical practitioners when communication and information is needed.  Providing a HIPAA compliant communication medium within a secure system will be Kyle’s legacy to us all.

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