About Us

K-Care Is A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit 

K-Care Empowered Health Care Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit business committed to medical singularity, focused on empowering individuals with complex, high-risk and/or life-threatening medical conditions to collect and keep their health, imaging and medical records in a single secure cloud-based platform.  The technology platform will collect, categorize, archive and distribute health data information with their health care providers. Additionally, the platform will create a real time, secure, interactive push-type communication system to empower individuals and healthcare practitioners with the ability to communicate directly. This will save precious time ensuring appropriate care plans are deployed when needed. Real tools for medical advocacy. Healthcare costs are out of control. Complex difficult life-threatening cases cost the healthcare system millions of dollars each. K-Care will maximize cost savings to the healthcare system by removing duplication, empowering everyone involved with timely information, providing better healthcare and costs savings. K-Care is dedicated to designing, developing and marketing software applications to promote an individual empowered technology platform that will save crucial time for both doctors and patients. The Individual will empower their medical, health and wellness team to truly manage health and healing.

K-Care's Mission
True medical singularity that promotes health and healing through communication and instant information sharing in a secure platform.

K-Care's Vision

K-Care will change our healthcare paradigm by shifting the focus to true patient-driven healthcare that will empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being.  This cloud-based platform will provide comprehensive data, records, information and communication, in real time, that:

  • Allows individuals to take control of their health and well-being by enabling full medical record collection to achieve true medical singularity, with all medical information stored in a single secure technology platform.
  • Bridges the gap between medical information silos with the creation of a common platform for all health records from office visits, specialists, imaging, laboratory results, ER/urgent care records, pharmacies, therapists, alternative therapies, mental health specialists and fitness portals.
  • Secures access to patient-authorized health records and imaging in real time.
  • Creates analytics that span a lifetime for real healthcare singularity.
  • Provides individuals with their complete medical information and confidence in its security.
  • Allows patients to control who has access to their medical information at any time.
  • Provides a secure, interactive, push-type communication system in real time between healthcare providers, regardless of their specialty, location and/or network affiliation.
  • Removes the need for redundant testing, imaging and office visits by ensuring instant access to medical history for the individual’s authorized healthcare team.

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